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On this page our measured timeseries can be downloaded.

First select in the left column (1A-1D),  the parameter and resolution you prefer. Next in the table in the middle (2) all timeseries will appear that are available according to your profile and that are contained within the mapextent above. You can sort in the table by clicking on the headers. You can select your desired timeseries in the table. Click next on “view and download”. You can view and download your preferred time period. By  zooming or panning in the map (3) you further control the stations shown in the table. Professional users can download an entire parameter maplayer or get a web-link.

If you have extra questions on downloading measurements for navigable waterways, please email

1A Waterlevel/riverflow
1B Rainfall
1C Fysico-chemical paramaters
1D Meteorological parameters
Download through layer selection
3 Select region
2 Select - View - Download